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Muttontown Home 1960s - 70s

Muttontown Home

"The Muttontown home", Was under major construction during the 1950's-1970's. Around the years 1962-1963, five or six year old Kevin, while playing and exploring in the high weeds, discovered small pieces of limestone, granite, marble and other stones, metals, a few precious metals, unknown objects, and other materials, 'meant for his rock collection. It turned out to be the foundation of an 'old swimming pool that was buried and filled in with the remains of the 'original mansion' that once stood near this spot. That mansion was part of the {Kingdom T`h`e Muttontown}, as it was supposed to be 'known to be called. As a result of this find the site was excavated and an Olympic size swimming pool was found. The pool was 80' footage long and 35' footage wide with cement walls 3' foot thick. A small wading pool and cathedral stairs would grace its presence. In the mid 1960's cabanas were built on both sides of the 30' foot wide staircase and many other improvements continued to develop since that time. Nature, landscaped the grounds with various interesting and unique trees such as, one of the oldest remaining, great Elm's, with the red bushes circling around it. This tree was removed because the Elm's were dying-off from disease and became extinct on Long Island in the late 1960's. There is a wonderful Copper Beech tree, named "The Elephant Tree", several foot in diameter that had a 'swing' and 'hand-carvings that appeared to go back many, many, years. It is believed possible, that this section of the estate was a secret (still mysterious to this day) and may have been called "My Unknown Castle" by it's possible owner, King Zog of {The Kingdom of Albania}. This piece of land is the highest point above sea level on Long Island's Gold Coast, second only to the Oheka Castle, located in Cold Spring Hills, Huntington, New York. As a young boy, Kevin climbed up the big Pine tree near the pool and counted 6-8 or maybe 10-12 water towers or landmarks on a clear day, with his naked eye - such as the Eastern Military Academy at Oheka Castle. There were Train tracks that were found in the 'surrounding woods, where a railroad system was built and located, over many acres. It was complete with miniature trains and stations and was originally intended for the ' children to play on or travel into the city. Within the {Kingdom Th`e Muttontown}, King Zog owned several parcels of land including the Chelsea and Knollwood Estates, a sixty-room granite mansion erected by Wall Street tycoon Charles I. Hudson in 1906-1907'. Italian Renaissance in style, Knollwood boasted tall Ionic columns and a winding main stairway of Caen marble. Massive stone steps led down to vast reaches of landscaping, with gardens and reflecting pools. English ivy covered parts of wide terraces and also hung from marble fountains and urns. "A man must have a place to lay his head", the Times commented, "and if Zog feels he must have sixty rooms to do it in, that is his business." He would sell the place, while subject to years of litigation with the County officials and about taxation issues. It took some years to get everything finalized, eventually, the Christi family would own Knollwood for a while. Growing-up here, Kevin, spent years exploring the entire region including all of the King's lands. In his travels, he met the owners of many parcels of land (including his next door neighbor, former NY State Senator Ralph Marino, who sadly passed away) and became friendly with them. Sometimes he would meet people and they would spend time enjoying some warm and friendly conversation with Kevin and listening to his interesting comments, and exchanging information with him. Around this time he met Vincent Laurie, and Bob Conrad of the Red Fox Farms and went to work at the stables. "Vince taught me to ride a horse and wanted me to become a jockey, but I got to big". Kevin found many secret passages (due west) of the above photo. On one day, he stumbled over a piece of stone-concrete, flat in shape, maybe 200 lbs. or so. He managed to slide and move this slate of concrete where he discovered a tunnel underground. He was able to look in and see a giant limestone and marble spiral staircase with copper, bronze, and what looked to be gold railings, and in-laid artistic statures on the walls, etc. It was dark in the tunnel but on that sunny day it was bright enough to see into. He even found a sterling-silver cigarette case at the entrance or thereabout. He was frightened a little on that day and quickly left, without going down into the tunnel, but he would curiously, courageously and cautiously return only to find out the secret passage could no longer be found. At this time, this property was still owned by the King. Kevin explored there for some years before the County of Nassau took it over and declared it a natural bird preserve. Occasionally, a man on a big horse would see Kevin from a distance - watching him - but not approaching him and signaling to Kevin that it was O.K. to explore and be there. It was like being in heaven Kevin thought, with all of the beautiful birds and natural resources to enjoy. Kevin was lead to believe by the man on the horse to be the owner of the land, {the King himself},-unlikely, {the Newly Crowned King's Son} perhaps, very possibly, or the {Main Man in Charge}-for sure and this owner sensed Kevin to be of innocents and good nature. They would exchange a very few but significant words when passing each other on the hundred's of acres of land. He allowed Kevin permission to explore his property and learned somewhat about Kevin and who he was. It is likely that the King lived on and around this site, (above photo) of the many properties, and on other parts of these estates in Muttontown and in several other countries. Some people believed him to be among the wealthiest people in the world. In the 1950's vandals thereupon converged on the Knollwood estate in earnest, ripping it apart in search of treasure that was rumored to be buried in its grounds. In 1955 King Zog began the process of selling Knollwood which had suffered $8,000.00 (1955 valuation) worth of damage from the vandals. In the late 1950's ''That'' mansion was demolished... So it has been said, King Zog spent his last days in a nearly empty villa on the French Riviera, with Queen Geraldine doing the housework. He died in 1961. His son Leka Zog II, was crowned King in 1961 while in exile in Paris, to the now present time. For more information, look for the expected book - "O'nce upon a time on a King's hill" by Kevin, which explores in depth the life and times of growing up, and Kevin's Travels on the dusty trails of Long Island's gold coast, coming out soon, on this site. A movie is being produced on location about this book, by KTM Productions/Stoomzee Studios...USA...

Muttontown NY

Kevin's Laboratory - 1960's

Kevin's Laboratory in the basement of his Muttontown home. (1960's)

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