The Storybook Wedding of Stacy and Kevin...
(Stacy & Kevin)



July 10, 2002

Cold Spring Harbor

Wedding Day Photos

THE STORYBOOK WEDDING - Kevin & Stacy, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

~ The Storybook Wedding Day Picnic ~


Wedding Day Reception
The Inn on the Harbor

The Storybook Wedding, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

The Storybook Wedding


on the Cold Spring Harbor,

Long Island gold coast

July 10, 2002

 Wednesday at 2 o’clock pm 


A True Story


Wondrously romantic, interesting and inspiring to all. Two people who lived together for 15 years decide it is finally time to marry

and have children... Realizing the most profound love for each other, they vow to each other, in private. However it would not be

your traditional style marriage as they elope with just their two best friends and after all is said and done, they find out, one of the

most spectacular days of their lives was perfect in every respect. "It was a picture perfect day and like a fairytale come true", they

discover the pictures their friends took really captured a special time and place in their hearts and wanted to share the day with

family and friends.

"As we began to put a video tape of our special day together, we decided to make the wedding tape the most memorable and

gratifying, as possible, for the families to enjoy, so we did, and we developed a special movie, about our wedding day,

special days passed, the present times of family and friends, and many people who passed away.

It was a nice way to honor our parents and think about our brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends.

Also we remember friends, people we once knew and relatives - aunt's, uncles, grandparents, great, great, great grandparents,

that have all passed away, all the way back to the year 1639..." 

~ The Rosenfeld-McMahon Family ~

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Kevin & Stacy

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